RHAM 2018 Committees


Christy Lundy & Chris Rantz – Co-chairpersons
Members:  TBD
   Committee responsibilities:

  • Secure ribbons for shows
  • Ensures ribbons are at shows in office and in orderable fashion for exhibitors to access
  • Takes ribbons home after shows and brings to next show
  • Selects and secures awards for versatility winners
  • Selects and secures awards for year end
  • Provides announcer names for morning versatility winner presentations at shows


Sam Holwerda & Toni Blonde – Co-chairpersons
Members:  TBD
   Committee responsibilities:

  • Secure location
  • Set date
  • Secure caterer and determine menu
  • Get invitations designed and out to membership


Jim Harroff – Chairperson
Members:  TBD
   Committee responsibilities:

  • Work in conjunction with Show Operations committee
  • Secure cattle supplier for shows / clinics
  • Ensures contract is in place for cattle for shows
  • Responsible for cattle delivery and departure condition forms to be signed by both cattle supplier representative and RHAM cattle committee at each show/clinic/event
  • Clinic cattle are sourced as needed for clinics; work in conjunction with the clinic committee
  • Secure bedding and hay for cattle at shows
  • Secure people to work in cattle pen at shows including:
    • Feeding and watering
    • Numbering cattle
    • Organizing cattle for classes

Clinics &  Events:

Sam Holwerda – Chairperson
Members:  TBD
   Committee responsibilities:

  • Establish clinic schedule
  • Poll membership for types of clinics to host
  • Secure clinicians
  • Secure facility for clinics
  • Manage the signup process in a fair manner
  • Set up and clean up at clinics
  • Manage and report back to the board expenses, income and profits
  • Determine which tack swaps and expos are most beneficial for RHAM to attend
  • Manage and report expenses for these events to the board
  • Represent RHAM at the events and recruit other RHAM members to work the event
  • Orders/stock paperwork for booths
    • Membership forms – RHAM & ARHA
    • Clinic flyers & registration forms
    • Showbills


Toni Blonde & Christine Klug –  Co-chairpersons
Members:  TBD
   Committee responsibilities:

  • Solicit for sponsors/advertisers to offset expenses
  • Generate ideas to engage membership to assist in bringing in sponsors/advertisers
  • Provide the show announcer the list of sponsors/advertisers to announce during shows including details about each to help promote their business
  • Store banners between shows and bring the banners to the shows
  • Put up and take down sponsor banners in arena at shows
  • Send thank you cards to the sponsors in a timely fashion
  • Write editorials monthly for Saddle Up magazine
  • Develop marketing flyer to promote RHAM and encourage advertisers

Show Operations:

Jim Harroff – Chairperson
Members:  TBD
   Committee responsibilities:

  • To be available shortly

Trail Patterns:

Val Grimes – Chairperson
Members:  Stefanie Backus, Christy Lundy, TBD
   Committee responsibilities:

  • Design trail patterns for shows
  • Supply computerized versions of patterns for shows
  • Ensure all obstacles are at shows
  • Coordinate setup and take down of trail course
  • Secure volunteers for trail as needed – person for rope and one to reset other obstacles as needed
  • Walk through trail course with judges


Toni Blonde – Chairperson
Members:  Gina DeMeyer
  Committee responsibilities:

  • Ensure information on website it current and maintained


Chris Rantz – Chairperson
   Committee responsibilities:

  • Manage the RHAM Youth Representative program:
    • Generate interest in program
    • Select youth representative
    • Secure crown, etc. for new representative annually
    • Secure ‘thank you’ gift for outgoing representative annually
  • Manage flags for opening ceremonies at shows
  • Secure youth for flag presentation in opening ceremonies at shows
  • Work in conjunction with Banquet committee on Silent Auction


Jim Harroff – Chairperson
Members:  TBD
   Committee responsibilities:

  • To be available shortly