2017 RHAM Showbill

See below for details regarding what's new in 2017 and to download the PDF version of the showbill.

Download PDF version of 2017 RHAM Showbill

Patterns for 2017 Shows

Versatility forms for 2017 available on the Forms page

NEW Jackpot Classes

  • Jackpot classes will be offered concurrently with selected classes on the RHAM 2017 Showbill (see showbill for classes). 
  • Jackpot Entry Fee is $20 IN ADDITION TO the $24 Class Entry Fee and any applicable Cattle Fees.
  • Jackpot Payback to Exhibitors will be 75% of Jackpot Entry Fees plus any added money for that Jackpot (does NOT include class entry fees or cattle fees).
  • Payback Schedule for horses entered in the Jackpot is as follows:
                    1 horse                                 1 Pay                     100%
                    2-5 horses                          2 Pays                   60% - 40%
                    6-9 horses                          3 Pays                   45% - 35% - 20%
                    10 & over horses                4 Pays                   40% - 30% - 20% - 10%
  • In the event of a tie, the two awards will be added together and that amount will be split evenly between the two exhibitors. 
                    3 horses            2 tied for 2nd       Split 40% or 20% twice
                    6 horses            2 tied for 2nd       Add 35%+20% = 55% / 2 = 27.5% each
  • Paybacks will be paid by check to the exhibitor at the end of the show.

2017 Versatility Program Changes

Year-end Award Qualifications
For year end versatility awards eligibility, must show in versatility at 3 of the 4 RHAM shows held in Michigan.

Ranch Horse Association of Michigan (RHAM) Versatility Conformation
(No ARHA points)

This class is exclusively used for the conformation portion of the RHAM versatility awards and does not apply to any ARHA class or points.

Versatility Conformation Class Categories are offered by Division: Open, Amateur, and Youth with all genders and horse ages combined. Amateur class includes both Amateur and Novice Amateur Versatility. Youth class includes Youth, Novice Youth, and 13-and under High Point Versatility.

A)    The horse will be judged using the same criteria and equipment as used for ARHA Ranch Horse Conformation.
B)    Genders will be combined in each class. The exhibitor/horse combination must be entered into the appropriate division for RHAM versatility.
C)    Judging procedure is the same as described for ARHA Ranch Horse Conformation.
D)    Point will be awarded by placement in the division class by judge per ARHA rules, regardless of the horse’s gender.
E)    There will not be a Grand or Reserve Champion in Versatility Confirmation.

Ranch Horse Association of Michigan (RHAM) Versatility Conformation Proxy Exhibitor
For versatility purposes, a proxy exhibitor may be used if the exhibitor has more than one horse entered for versatility competition.

A)    The proxy exhibitor must meet the criteria for the division of versatility the exhibitor/horse has been entered per division eligibility on the current year ARHA membership card or by age.

a.     i.e. an Open exhibitor cannot be a proxy for an Amateur or Youth exhibitor, or an Amateur cannot be a proxy for a Novice Amateur.  An older youth cannot be a proxy for a 13 and under High Point exhibitor.
b.     The proxy must be a RHAM member.