RHAM 2017 Year-end High Point Ranch Saddle

1.  RHAM will be awarding a saddle as a prize to highest point winner in the OPEN, AMATEUR, NOVICE AMATEUR. YOUTH or NOVICE YOUTH DIVISION in “Ranch” classes as follows:   

a.    “Open Division” means the Open Division defined by Rule H-1, page 35, of the 2016-17 ARHA rulebook.
b.     “Amateur Division” means the Amateur Division defined by Rule H-6, page 26, of the 2016-17 ARHA rulebook.
c.    “Novice Amateur” and “Novice Youth” Division means the Novice Amateur and Novice Youth division defined by Rule H-9, page 37, of the 2016-17 ARHA rulebook.
d.    “Youth Division” means the Youth Division defined by Rule H-2, page 35, of the 2016-17 ARHA rulebook.
e.    “Classes” means any of the classes or combination of classes listed below are eligible to use for Hi point calculation:
Ranch Trail     Ranch Riding     Ranch Reining     Ranchmanship
     Working Ranch Horse *     Ranch Cutting *     Ranch Roping *     
     Ranch Boxing *
“Cattle” classes means the classes in the above list marked with an “*”
f.1. Working Ranch Horse does not have Novice classes.  Novice Exhibitors wishing to use Working Ranch Horse to add to their “High Points” may compete in the appropriate Amateur or Youth class and points earned will be added to their “Novice” total.
g.    “Exhibitor” means a person who has paid 2016 RHAM dues.
h.    “Highest Points” means the most points earned by a single horse and exhibitor team in any one of these divisions: Open, Amateur, Novice Amateur, Youth or Novice Youth.   
i.      “Horse” means a horse which holds a Certificate of Eligibility from the ARHA. “Points” means the points defined and calculated by the 2016-17 American Ranch Horse Association (ARHA) calculation table found in Rule H-2, page 39, of the 2016-17 ARHA rule book that begin accumulating only after the payment of 2016 RHAM dues.
j.      “Single horse and exhibitor team” means an identical combination of horse and exhibitor.
k.    “Shows” means 2016RHAM sponsored eventsheld on May 13-14, 2017, June 10-11, 2017, July 29-30, 2017, and September 9-10, 2017, all at BerrienCounty Youth Fairgrounds 

2.    RHAM will award one saddle, to the single horse and exhibitor team who has the highest points in a single Division.  The saddle will be awarded during the RHAM 2017 Annual Banquet. 

3.    Eligibility

a.    Only points earned during shows and in classes offered at shows will be calculated when determining the highest points.
b.    Points will be calculated under Rule H-12-13, page 38-39, of the 2016-17 ARHA handbook.
c.    Only points earned by a single horse and exhibitor team will count in the determination of the highest points.
d.    In the event an identical number of points is earned in eligible classes at showsby two or more single horse and exhibitor teams the tie will be broken as follows:

i.     The first tiebreaker will be to the single horse and exhibitor team with the most first place finishes.
ii.    The second tiebreaker will be which single horse and exhibitor team entered the most classes at the shows,
iii.   The third tiebreaker will be the single horse and exhibitor team with the most points in the cattle classes. 
iv.   The fourth tiebreaker will be the single horse and exhibitor team which wins a coin toss. 

4.    Rules Governing Saddle Award

a.    RHAM reserves sole and complete discretion to determine meaning of any provision of this announcement.
b.    RHAM will, in so doing, follow the rules published in the 2016-17 ARHA rulebook to the extent practicable and feasible and to the extent such rules do not conflict with RHAM rules, policies or practices.
c.    The rankings by judges at classes and shows shall be final and not subject to change.
d.    Nothing in this announcement may be construed as a contract, express or implied.
e.    RHAM reserves the right to change or terminate the provisions stated in this announcement with or without notice.