2017 Point Standings

The standings will be updated after each show.
Visit the Rules & Regulations page and refer to Section 7: RHAM Year End Circuit Awards for full details on eligibility.
Any questions regarding RHAM points, please email info@ekgequine.com.  

Standings by Division Finals:

If you have any concerns or find any discrepancies in your points, you must report
them by December 1, 2017 via email to ginademeyer@gmail.com.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  These standings include both those who are currently qualified for year end awards and those who aren't qualified.  Those not qualified are greyed out but are shown. They have either not shown enough RHAM shows (horse/exhibitor combination) to qualify or did not join RHAM early enough in the 2017 season. Refer to section 7 of the Rules & Regulations page (linked above) for full details.
These results include the Midwest Regional Classic show as the points DO count towards the RHAM year end class awards.